Inspired by child led Forest school approached and Steiner pedagogy

For parents/carers and children 18 months to 4 years old

Term time only

Tuesdays 10.30- 12 pm

Thursdays 10.30-12pm

Term time block bookings 5-6 sessions

£11 per session for 1 adult and 1 child

Babies in slings are welcome free of charge

Price includes hot drinks for parents/ pop corn or marshmallows for children.

Children on a seesaw at a child led steiner forest school parent and child session

The child-led part of the session involves lots of exploring the forest school camp with a free flow of activities available, such as play in the mud kitchen, water-play or sand pit. Adult led time includes craft activities as well as circle time with seasonal songs. We will end the day with a seasonal puppet show.

Please bring snacks (e.g. fruit, breadsticks) and a water bottle for your child. We will have snack time around the fire with a song and Mr. Badger (puppet) will visit the children. On the last session in each block of sessions we will toast marshmallows!

‘Theres no such thing as weather as bad weather, just bad clothing’

The Forest school camp has a large parachute shelter and fire pit, where we can be protected from the elements. Our session will continue unless we decide it is unsafe with weather warnings for strong winds as woodlands can be hazardous with falling branches and trees. Parents will be informed as soon as possible if weather conditions are unsafe for the session.

Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions. It is essential that children are warm and comfortable for them to make the most of the experience. Don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting dirty!

  • Wellington boots/outdoor boots
  • Warm socks
  • Long comfortable trousers
  • Jumper/cardigan
  • Water proof trousers/jackets
  • Hats, caps and gloves
  • Complete change of clothes just in case
  • Water bottle and sun protection
Cool woodland shelter at the woodland holiday camp

Please read our Cover 19 risk assessment here

I really appreciated Dominika’s gentleness and her experience as a Steiner Kindergarten Teacher goes beautifully with the forest school surroundings – storytelling, puppet shows and songs just flow out of her naturally, and completely captivated my little man! So glad we found this group, can’t think of a better way to start the week. Thanks for a great morning out under the gigantic trees!

― Trish

“Thank you Dominika for a wonderful term. It has been L first real playgroup due to lockdown. It has been so wonderful to hear her singing the songs from playgroup at home. You have obviously captured her imagination with the nature based songs in a beautiful natural forest school setting. We appreciate your gentle and friendly approach, it’s really such a lovely session. “


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