A day of nourishment, ritual and nature connection for women of all ages.

Saturday 19th of March 10-2pm

Deepening our Connection to Nature

In this workshop Master Herbalist Caroline Evans will be working with the energies of Spring Equinox in deepening our connection to our own true Nature through the herbs of the season. We will enjoy ritual, togetherness, herbal brewing, remedy making, time by the fire and learning about seasonal plant medicine.

Sunday 6th of May 10-2pm

Hi! My name is Emily, I’m a singer and therapist and the founder of Birch Tree Folk Choir. Folk music has always resonated deeply with me, connecting me with those that came before me and the land that we share, and as I completed my counselling training I became more and more aware how vital this sense of connection is to wellbeing. Combined with an interest in how the nervous system works to enable rest and healing, my teaching is about reconnecting through song to self, community, heritage, and landscape.

Join me in May as I team up with Creative Roots to offer a special Wild Women event celebrating the turning of the year to the ancient festival of Beltane! Deep relaxation and guided visualisation will connect us with the land and the season, gentle vocal warm ups will connect us with the power of our own bodies, and finally learning a beautiful song together in simple harmony will bring everything together, connecting with each other in celebration! No need to have any experience singing or reading music – all are welcome!

Sunday 8th of June 10-2pm

In this workshop, Barbara Gonzalez, eco-therapist and facilitator will offer simple yet deep nature connection practices to support us to lift the layers which can stifle our true nature. There will be time for guided self inquiry amid a nurturing and supportive space for shared stories too.

Poster for wild women event - a day of nourishment, ritual and nature connection for women of all ages

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