Group for dads, grandads and male carers with children from age of 4 + both daughters and sons.

Some of the activties will include group games, den and shelter building, nature crafts and bushcraft.

Regular Sunday morning – monthly groups with Kevin Button.

Since he was a young boy, Kevin explored the forest, building dens and going on adventures. At University, he went on to study Outdoor Education with Physical Education (BSc). After a decade of travelling in Europe and the Americas, cross-Atlantic sailing, adventuring and working on various earth-based farms, ranging from permaculture to bio construction, Kevin revisited his early boyhood passion to learn directly from lineages that weave philosophical/indigenous ways in relating with nature.

With this dream, Kevin interned and worked with a renowned Wilderness School in the States, Twin Eagles, followed by an apprenticeship at a land-based subsistence farmstead in the Pacific North West for a year.

Since his return to the U.K., Kevin has worked (and still working with) various nature connection based organisations, such as Sacred Earth, Cultivating Curiosity, Wild Wise, Children’s Forest, Creative Roots, Trackways and Five Rivers, in order to practice his knowledge in the field.

Kevin is a certified Forest School Leader and has just completed his Survival Instructor Training with Trackways, the number one Wilderness Survival School in the U.K. All of this allows him to passionately and skillfully deliver high quality, engaging and fun learning environments.

Please listen to interview with our group leader Kevin Button talking about Wild Dads with Graham Rogers – πŸ˜‚BBC Radio Wiltshire Apparently we are Creative Woods πŸ˜‚

Adult Β£8 / Child Β£10

We had such a fun time which focused on some very cool and helpful skills. Great to meet you all 😊 Fergus, Oshi and Craig x.

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