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Dominika Baran is qualified level 5 Steiner Early Years Educator. She also holds B.A in Arts and Cultural Management. She completed Pyrites РLiving & Learning with Nature Practical Skills Teacher Development Course (PSTDC) with Bernard Graves. She has always been in education, assisting and teaching in a variety of settings Рin mainstream, Steiner. She has been also leading variety of workshops and community projects. Her interest includes nature connection, seasonal celebrations and craft.  She is currently recipient of the scholarship from The School of Stitch Designed where she study Felt.

Dominika and Nereida met in 2013 at Laurel Farm Steiner Kindergarten – worked as a team and achieved an OFSTED OUTSTANDING for their inspirational approach , where they also developed school gardening and growing project which been awarded by ROYAL HORTICULTURE SOCIETY . They both have an extensive portfolio of PDC courses and training including Safeguarding, Outdoor First Aid.

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